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i and Giravali and Csigei in Hungary, the three fortresses in Germany, and finally, the "Princely" forts, on the islands of Engelund in Sweden and Ullångerö in Västerbotten in Sweden (a fusion of Sweden's "Princess' Forts" and the Swedish "Princely Forts"). See also Large castle List of castles in Norway List of castles in Sweden List of castles in Iceland List of castles in Denmark References Notes Further reading Borgsten, John E. (2002). The Art of Castle-Building in the Medieval Era: A Pictorial History of the Great Castles and Fortresses of Medieval Europe. Washington, D.C.: Brassey's.. Borgsten, John E. (2011). "Castles and Castellan" in A History of Sweden. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. Borgsten, John E. (ed.) (2006). The Castles of Spain and Portugal. New York: John Wiley and Sons.. Borgsten, John E. (2007). The Castles and Fortresses of Spain. New York: John Wiley and Sons.. Borgsten, John E. (2013). "The Western Castles of the Middle Ages". Windgather Press.. De Visser, Gerard T. M. (1981). Castles in the Swabian Alps. Amsterdam: De Bezige Bij.. Powell, J. Alexander (2006). "The Medieval Castles of Almeria and Andalusia". Journal of Medieval History. (2006) Vol. 34 No. 4. pp. 365–392. Spencer, Thomas F. (2003). "The Castles and Fortresses of Portugal". Windgather Press.. Spencer, Thomas F. (2007). "The Castles and Fortresses of León and Castile". Windgather Press.. Thompson, E.A. (1966). Castles in the Air: The Story of Airpower. Garden City, New York: Doubleday. External links Castles of Spain & Portugal: A world of medieval fortifications UK castles Castles and fortressesQ: On the relationship between the number of transactions (latency) and the number of reads (throughput) ac619d1d87

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